A Pinch of Salt

We meet many a person and encounter many a situation from time to time. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of this.

It’s easy to be too kicked by a small success or to take a failure too seriously, to be overly annoyed with a small annoying flaw of a person we like or to even be overly carried away by a few nice things we see.

Of late, I’ve been reminded of the analogy of cooking and what almost every Chef worth his (funnily enough..) salt adds right at the end of a program or recipe.

Add a pinch or two of salt to taste.

I love the pinch of salt analogy. It lightens the impact of people and situations, both positive and negative.

And the fact that I like the most about it is that it probably works best if applied to ourselves. We all have our goods and bads, ups and downs.

As long as we take these with a pinch of salt though, we will generally be just fine.