Building in Admin Time – 3 Hacks That May Help

There are very few people I know who genuinely love personal administrative work. Taxes, fixing things in the household, managing mobile and utility bills are the kind of stuff we love to hate. Heck – we’d rather just show up for a holiday than sit and go through hours of planning, booking and, if you are Indian, filling visa application forms.

Yet, these things need to get done and if they don’t get done, they only result in more trouble than is worth.

There’s only one way out of all the pain – to get them all done on time. This is especially tough if the task isn’t urgent. But, again, it just has to be done..

Over time, I’ve learned to deal with admin in 3 ways –

1. Break them down into 3 smaller tasks to be done during the work-week. Expecting to be able to focus on an admin task during the week is often an impossibility. That said, breaking it down makes it easier. It requires about 5 mins of planning during a weekend and then adding the small bit to the day’s task list.

Baby steps are the way to go and help extinguish most fires.

2. Batch process every 2 months. Over time though, admin creeps up on you. There’s only so much you can get done on normal weeks and it’s helpful to think of a week every 2 months where you’ll probably get through an hour of admin every day.

It’s annoying, it’s intrusive – but it needs to be done. So, I just go ahead and schedule the time.

3. Get Yodic about it. I really used to hate admin with a vengeance. (I still sort of do!) When I first began living by myself in university, I used to choose not to deal with it until it became a fire that threatened to burn the house down. That didn’t help at all.. as I was fighting fires very often.

Over time, things became better with a bit of organization. But the pain didn’t reduce. The task of applying for a new kind of visa every 2 months or so didn’t help either.

And as weird as it sounds, the best way to deal with these things is with acceptance. These things need to be done, and done in time if you want to avoid late payments and the like.

All the best with your admin! Do share any tips that help you deal with it as well in the comments..