Twenty Three

I’ve turned twenty three today. At this moment, I’m as old, wise, young and naive as I’ve ever been. It’s a special moment.

It’s nice to have one day in the year that you term as ‘your’ day. It’s almost like a special bonus that pops out of nowhere and it’s probably the only time in our lives that we are rewarded with love, affection and joy for just showing up. The real prize, of course, goes to the women who bore tremendous amounts of pain to give birth to us. Thanks mom! This is definitely a one-of-a-kind gift! But then, it’s my day. I’m not going to argue. I love the idea..

I’ve said this many times before but I’m a real sucker for celebrations. As our lives become faster paced than ever before, it’s nice to have these celebrations to slow us down, to remind us to call the people we care about, take a moment, reflect, laugh etc. As a friend put it, ‘there are never enough celebrations in my book’. I agree.

In a weird twist of fate, I have a work related flight out to Rome this evening. And, given I’m just reading about the human habit of finding patterns out of random events, I thought I’d joyfully indulge the habit.

In many ways , the day today is symbolic of the year that has passed. A large part of the day is time spent alone, one of the big highlights of the year. A section of that large part has been spent on Skype catching up with loved ones. A sizeable part would be spent working. And fittingly, a small part would be spent at airports and on a flight.

The last year has been tremendous in every sense of the word. And I’m thankful to the many many people who’ve stopped by in my life and on this blog to make a difference.

Thank you, really.

It’s been a wonderful day today with a group of friends putting together a wonderful video from around the world to start with and wishes from the many who make up my support system. I don’t do birthdays on Facebook these days but, of course, the day would be incomplete if I didn’t write about it here.

In the spirit of making it meaningful, I’ve made a small donation to Sunil M, on Milaap. Loaning a little to hopefully change a lot. :-)

And, as my favourite new year wish goes – May life continue to engage, fascinate, frustrate, challenge and reward as I grow as a person.

Looking forward to year 24.

Time to run! Hope you have a wonderful 18th day of March. :-)