Spring Cleaning

I generally look forward to writing a long post on Saturday but today I’m sticking to a short(er) one.

You know how we clean our homes every few days and yet, in a few months, they need a spring clean?

The last one month or so has been something of that sort. I’ve felt it. If you’ve been a regular here for longer than a few months, you have probably felt it too.

What I find is that the spring cleaning is not as important as the act of doing it. It typically starts with (for example) not finding something that you are looking for. You then look around for it and after a few hours, find it. And then you wonder why it was kept there in a first place. Then, your eye catches something else that doesn’t seem to be in it’s right place and boom, before you know it, you’re spring cleaning!

And, in the act of spring cleaning, we often find that most things are alright in the places we kept them. They might need some dusting. But, the act of re-evaluating, questioning and understanding gives us the mental feeling that things are okay and clean. And that matters more than anything else.

I’ve felt similar. I’ve been spring cleaning and I’m almost on the other side (and hey, it’s not even spring yet! :)). And funnily enough, I have indeed found that a few things need dusting but most other things are fine in it’s current place. And just like in spring cleaning, I did go through a bit of pain in the process when you find some dusty corners that have been untouched for years or some dirt in unexpected places that needs some bleach. And as is the case with most things in life, we learn to look at/clean those places on a weekly basis..

Make mistakes. Do things well. Then make those mistakes again (and hence, fail). Then learn. Then reflect. Then go ahead, do more, make bigger mistakes, do better things and so on.

We learn as we go. And like in the case of any spring cleaning, things have been on the up over the past couple of weeks or so and are beginning to feel more normal and settled.

So, it’s time to get rolling. Begin doing more, experimenting more and attempting more. Almost like figuring out whether the maps are like before going traveling.

Almost there. Maps looking okay. Time to travel.

Until the next spring clean, of course. :-)

PS: One of the correlations I’m beginning to notice when I’m not spring cleaning is that my daily quotes (on my short form blog) are typically of a more inspirational nature more often. These quotes generally reflect my state of mind and often say a lot about what I most need at that point. (Often, not always, of course) And, when I’m working on a whole bunch of ideas along with work, thinking about inspiration is very helpful.

Of late, if you’ve been following the quotes, you’ll have noticed that there’s a lot more of humour and less of inspiration. Clear sign..

I realized this over the last couple of days. Very useful for me. Indicators are useful – like thermometers that tell us that it’s time to take a break! And it was indeed time..