On Gold Medal Visualization

This week’s book learning is from Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

Peter Vidmar and Tim Daggett were training as gymnasts at the UCLA gym with their coach Mako to become Olympic gold medallists.

To keep focused on their Olympic dream, they began ending their workouts by visualizing being in the final round in the Olympics with the People’s Republic of China. That’s when Peter would step forward, do a perfect routine and win the gold medal.

On July 31st 1984, Peter Vidmar was ready to perform his usual routine. The only difference was that he was at the Olympic Arena with thirteen thousand people and a few hundred cameras broadcasting to the two million viewers on television.

As Peter got ready, Coach Mako said – ‘Okay, Peter, let’s go. You know what to do. You’ve done it a 1000 times. Let’s just do it one more time and go home. You are prepared’

Peter did go home, with the gold medal.


Many of us have begun the new year with new resolutions and commitments. I made my personal and proficiency commitments yesterday, and thought this story would be apt for this week in the spirit of visualizing what success would look like at the end of year. I’d love to hear about your commitments in the comments.

Here’s to choosing to visualizing our dreams this week!