Conserving Limited Creativity

One of my more profound lessons over the past year is that we all have a limited amount of creativity. While the amount varies from person to person, the fact that it is limited doesn’t.

Where we apply this creativity is, of course, up to us. We can choose to apply this at work (if it allows it), during play, in finding a different place to eat every day, in planning incredible vacations, in being the lead party planner for our social group or in the volunteer organization we work at during the weekend.

For those whose work doesn’t allow for creativity, it is likely to be channelled elsewhere. For those whose work demands it, we often find them leading incredibly boring lives on the outside. Steve Jobs had 50 black turtlenecks and Einstein had a work uniform until his wife took charge of his wardrobe.

The big Aha for me was that we have a great deal of choice in deciding how we want to use our ability to create. We NEED both certainty and uncertainty in our lives to keep balance.

So, how do you choose to spend your limited creativity?

PS: This is what happens when all your creativity goes un-channelled. Of course, you were just fooling around at the breakfast table..