One at a Time

It took me a while to get my head around this concept of blogging. I feel I have an understanding now. Well, at least that’s what I think.

As a beginner blogger, I was admittedly hoping for the day this blog made a break through i.e. when a viral post took the internet by storm. And, in my imagination, all of a sudden, this blog would soon have a teeming group of engaged commenters who would all share their learnings and make for a really cool community.

The picture was complete in my head. The only missing piece was the viral/break through post.

Well, one such post came. Then another couple. And it all made complete sense when Seth Godin came along with a piece of genius.

Preparing for the breakthrough/calamity

That’s what we spend most of our time doing. The breakthrough speech that will change everything, or the giant insight that opens every door. We fret about the apocalyptic ending, the big crash, the slam climax as well.

Of course, it almost never happens that way.

Products and services succeed one person at a time, as the word slowly spreads. Customers defect one person at a time, as hearts are broken and people are disappointed. Doors open, sure, but not all at once. One at a time.

One at a time is a little anticlimactic and difficult to get in a froth over, but one at a time is how we win and how we lose.

Incredible insight. I was reflecting on this blog the other day and we are seeing the beginnings of a lovely community here.

We are seeing comment bloggers (A comment blogger is a person who leaves comments that can (and should be) entire blog posts, but they leave them on other people’s blogs) like Bruno join in and share great insights from time to time. This is in addition to the growing group of regulars who share their thoughts from time to time.

And, guess what, they all came one at a time. No viral post. No break through. One at a time is indeed how we win and how we lose.

Thanks for making 2011 great, guys!

Looking forward to more building in 2012.

One at a time, of course.. ;-)