Life by Calculation

It’s fairly easy to live a limited life.

One of the simplest ways to do so is to live by calculation i.e. everything you do is measured by the amount of money that’s in the transaction. This simplifies life in many ways.

A holiday is measured by the cost of the holiday.

A job is measured by your pay packet.

Your phone is cost optimized.

Life is measured by the Ferrari index (i.e. what car do you have?).

And relationships are measured how much you get.

This way, life is reduced to the constant search of the next deal. You only travel on holiday if it is cheap. You never indulge spontaneity because it is expensive. You sign your next job offer because you have a great sign on bonus. And so on..

You’ll save cash. You’ll have optimized the best deals.

But, constantly searching for the next deal is tiring. It’s limited.

We’re probably better off focusing on experiences.

Because most great experiences, truly are, priceless. Ask a music fan what it felt like to attend a great concert or a football fan what it felt like to attend an amazing football game.

It’s very unlikely they made the trip because they found a ‘great deal’.

I’m always reminded of the famous string of Mastercard ads that used to air on TV when I was a child.  (I couldn’t find the one I wanted which involved a family working to get a family portrait together. So, here’s a substitute.)

They did nail it. There are indeed some things money can’t buy.

Luckily, we can always choose to live by experiences.

Spoilt by choice, we are.

Now, to enjoy Christmas Eve!