Shana Kad: Interview V – RealAcad Mondays

This week, on RealAcad Mondays, we have an interview with Shana Kad, a very inspiring life coach thanks to RealAcader Cecile El Moghazy. A bit about Cecile before we begin – I had the good fortune of spending a week with Cecile at my RealAcad in Stanford this year.Cecile is a very talented and smart person living in Dubai with her husband and working with the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund ADIA. She hails from Luxembourg and identifies herself as half French and half German. She previously worked with McKinsey & Co. and studied at HEC, Paris with a CEMS Masters. Cecile is an avid traveler and has traveled to 65 countries and speaks 6 languages. She is tons of fun and a great person to have around. And I’m confident we will have Cecile interviewed for RealAcad Mondays in the weeks to come. :)

Cecile’s description of her first meet with Shana is as follows.

“I met Shana as a potential client. I was asking myself questions about my future, my career, and the meaning in my life. Shana immediately impressed me with her radiating positive energy. Every sentence, every word is meant to cheer you up, make you understand there are no limits to what you can achieve except the limits you develop yourself through your ‘self-defeating” thoughts. Her work includes several Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools . Shana coaches working professionals looking for a greater meaning in their career, but also teenagers and mothers struggling to balance their work/ family life. All in all, Shana is a truly inspiring person for me because she gave up her well-paid corporate career to invest herself fully into her passion, i.e. helping people having a fuller, happier life.”

About Shana:

Shana is from the UK and came to live in Dubai more than 3 years ago. Through NLP life coaching, Shana helps people change their lives, perceptions and relationships – giving focus where none existed. She says, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming focuses on re-training your mind to interpret things in a positive manner and to ‘think’ differently day-to-day. It addresses the unconscious mind and helps people perceive situations, behaviors and emotions in a new way, and understand the direct control and effect these perceptions have on their lives”

Shana used to work at IBM where she managed a team of more than 30 women. She coached them and was able to make a real difference to their lives. The tragic loss of her sister to cancer made her question her own life and the legacy she would leave for her children. She sought out training to qualify as an NLP Master Life Coach and knew instantly that this was her life’s calling. She set up her own company, Life Effective Coaching, and now runs one-on-one coaching as well as Group Inspiring Workshops, on topics such as careers, relationships, emotional problems, depression, body image, addiction and anger management.

Over to Cecile’s questions..

What drives you/ inspires you? 

What really inspires me and drives me is that feeling of unlimited choice and making every day, every minute count.  To know my life’s purpose and my passion works to help others be all that they can be. I am inspired by the change I see in my clients, when they simply focus on what they WANT and move towards of life of meaning. I am inspired by the subtle miracles of our own thoughts each day that lead us to greatness and truth.

What has been the most defining moment of your life so far?

The most defining moment of my life is when I stood up for what I believed in without fear of failure or ridicule. The day I stepped out of my comfort zone of a well paid job and my 9-5 safe routine. The day I took charge of my life and decided to live my passion of coaching others to live there life’s purpose and embrace fun and growth. I decided I wanted to leave a legacy for my children that kept them inspired years from now. I decided I wanted to make a positive and sustainable difference.

What advice would you have for future leaders?

Work from your heart, learn from others and never be afraid to ask for help. Model excellence and walk your talk.  Turn Anxiety into Faith and Fear into Excitement, as life holds much adventure, if you care to take part.

I love Shana’s crisp and meaningful answers and I’d like to say a big Thank You to Shana on behalf of RealAcad and the ALearningaDay community for making time for us.

And of course, Thanks Cecile. Wishing everyone a great week!

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