Reaction and Response

This one was from today’s domain experience. A few of you might have been redirected to an advertisement page if you tried getting here in the morning. 

The simple reason for that was that I had no idea my domain subscription had expired yesterday. I did get many emails from my hosting subscriber but I also have 3 other domains and all of the others are on auto-renew so these emails tend to come and go without me paying much attention. It was this morning that I finally noticed that the domain had expired. 
I came back post football to find myself looking at my ad page. 
And I was pissed.
Why did this happen? How did this happen? Why didn’t the folks at Usonyx warn me? Why wasn’t the domain on auto renew? What can I do?
I sent a support ticket (two, actually) asking them to help. And even tried calling them. But, they don’t work weekends. So, well, I was stuck. 
I had 2 skype calls scheduled and I shortened the first one and took some time to have my reaction. I recall being decidedly restless for the 2nd one but this was a catch up call vs a ‘get-things-done’ call so I went ahead. 
And while we were catching up, I felt my head clear. I’d had my reaction. 
I went into my ‘control panel’ where I have an overview of my hosting plan and the domains I own. And then again found myself having a mini reaction at how un-intuitive the whole interface was.
After the 2nd reaction, I decided it was time to respond. Speaking with the friend had calmed me down as I’d vented for a couple of minutes and done some cursing. And within a couple of minutes, I’d cleared the payment that needed to be made. And ten minutes later, I got an email saying the payment had been received.
And soon we were back online.
I learnt a couple of things here – 
1. Don’t try to suppress the reaction. Allow the ‘victim’ play. If it has to come, it will. Be conscious of over reaction though. Giving yourself a set amount of time to vent helps.
2. Then respond. Actually focus on what you can do.
Often, we tend to assume that the problems we faced can’t be solved because we don’t have enough resources.
But, as Anthony Robbins put it, 
‘In life, it’s not always about the resources as much as it’s about resourcefulness. ‘