Why aren’t there more Urinals in homes?

This probably constitutes more of a question than a learning at this point but I’m hoping somebody would help clarify.

For the ladies, I am referring to these..

(I picked a stylish one to keep up with the natural style and panache of this blog and of course, the blogger… And no, ladies. We don’t have it so good in public restrooms!)

Firstly, I must apologize if this makes you squeamish by any chance. Not intended to. It’s just a bit of a practical problem.

Ask any guy how uncomfortable it is to walk into a friend’s house with a sparkling clean bathroom and then work extremely hard.. vs just peeing in a public urinal.

I actually searched this topic out online. It turns out that the primary reason urinals aren’t installed in homes is because they look ungainly. So, people are working hard to make them look better. A few creative designs are shown here. Other smaller reasons are custom plumbing, fear of wasting water if you choose to have water running through it 24*7 (why would you?) etc.

Let’s rule the additional water problem out. The custom plumbing is likely to cost a little more. So, what? A bit of extra cash to be comfortable and clean for a long time? I think the long term value would be much more valuable.

Sure, it may look a  tad ungainly but if you have males in the house, don’t you think it would make sense? From both a comfort (for the men) and a hygiene (for the women) standpoint?

We do need to pee – many times at that. We might as well do it right, no? Or am I over thinking this?

Maybe this should be my next venture.

Change the world, it will. One restroom at a time.

PS: I’m experimenting with a change in font. Is this easier on the eye?