On Eskimos, Snow and Negative Words

This week’s book learning draws inspiration from ‘Switch’ by Dan and Chip Heath-

According to an old urban legend , eskimos have 100 different words for snow.
Now, let’s hold that thought for a moment and look at this list.
Angry Annoyed Appalled Apprehensive Delighted Disappointed Ecstatic Excited Ashamed Bewildered Betrayed Confused Confident Cheated Cross Depressed Emotional Envious Embarrassed Furious Frightened Great Happy Horrified
These are 24 of the most common emotion words in the English language. Only 6 positive words..
In a more exhaustive study, 558 emotional words in the language were collected -Here, 62% were found to be negative and only 38% positive.
It turns out negative words are our snow!
There were 17 such studies that studied how people interpret events across various domains like sports, politics and love life.
Results again showed that people spend more time with bad stuff, reflect it on it more, pay closer attention to it, remember it longer and weight it more heavily – this is called positive negative asymmetry. 
This topic is a subject of the Building Fires post today too. We have an interesting thread of conversation beginning to develop. Look forward to your thoughts/comments..