Venga Boys

A close friend just started a new email feature called ‘You know it’s going to be a great day when..’ this week. As a result, I get an email and a fun song in my inbox before I wake up.

This has proved to be VERY energizing first thing in the morning as I have relaxed my email checking rule to check out the song of the day. And it was very effective in getting me up for exercise on Monday and Tuesday. (Maybe I should add it to my Elephant-Rider applications)

Today’s song turned out to be a special one. It was ‘We like to Party’ by Venga Boys. And this is a very very special childhood song.

It took me back to many get togethers I’ve been part of with my parents. Thanks to child friendly rules in most cases, I was generally part of the singing and dancing that went with them. I was a pathetic dancer. As a result, it was really nice to be dancing with a very encouraging group of adults who ensured we all danced for the sake of dancing. I’ve since then come to love get togethers every once a while with close friends where we shake a leg to popular music. And of course, my bad dancing doesn’t stop me now either.

All these memories came flooding back. And I was reminded of many good times that culminated in my love and appreciation for singing and dancing.

I was also reminded of a nice line in one of Tony Buzan’s book that said (very roughly) – ‘We are all natural singers, dancers and artists. In fact, we did all of this naturally as kids. It’s just that one person who came by and told us we were bad that stopped us. And we haven’t bothered to change that belief ever since.’ 

And probably, most importantly, it reminded me of a simpler time. :)

PS: There are a bunch of cool Vengaboys songs if you haven’t every heard them. Up and Down, To Brazil, Boom Boom Boom, Shalalala, Uncle John from Jamaica are all songs I loved!

I also realized now why my parents were very amused when I sung Boom Boom Boom Boom, I want you in my room.. in public.