An Incredible Time To Be Alive

If you take the picture the media paints to heart, you are likely to feel very depressed. Eurozone is in trouble, there are protests all around the world, global warming is likely to get worse – the world is in crisis. Everything is getting worse.

I thought I’d flip it around.

This is truly an incredible time to be alive, isn’t it?

The world is flat, connected and extremely personal.

It is flat because distance doesn’t matter anymore. We live in a large global village.

It is connected because we are all connected to each other in more ways than ever before. I realized this when I looked at the little community building around this blog – The Google Analytics data says this blog has had visits from 103 countries. 103 countries! Isn’t that simply mindblowing?

It is personal because, thanks to tools like Twitter, you know what your favorite pop star is up to. You know them as people, what they believe, what their lives are like and you can have conversations with them from time to time. They’re no longer people you just see on TV.
It is personal because you have your entire class from high school on your facebook and even if it has been ages since you last met, you’re still connected.

This is an incredible period because the world is in transition of sorts. Social media has changed the way the world works – fundamentally. It has empowered millions of us in and impacted us in very profound ways. Suddenly, we all have ‘voice’. Corporations are trying to get their heads around it, politicians don’t know what to do about it, countries try to block it – but you sure as hell can’t ignore it.

Sure, we may be in a tough time. But now, more than ever, we have the power to make the most of failure. We have opportunities to learn all around us, to get inspired, to do more and really make a difference. We’re not in the 1980s. Sure, we’ll have difficult times but now, more than ever, we have the power to make life work without employing ‘traditional’ methods. Times have changed.

And what a wonderful change it is. JLM put it nicely –

One of the great things about life just now is the realization how far our voices can be heard.

Seeing your rich background and knowing we can hear each others’ voices through the ether is really inspiring.

Not to go all Freud on you, but it gives me great hope for the world when you and I can communicate from far away and yet it seems like we are just sharing a coffee.

Is this a great time to be alive or what?’

It is a great time. Not just great. Simply incredible. Now for some coffee..