JLM Inspiration

I’ve mentioned the community at AVC a bunch of times on this blog. I find the whole concept of a community inspirational and at the risk of repeating myself, hope to have such a community on this blog.

One of the most inspiring community members is Jeff Minch a.k.a. ‘JLM’. He brings a wealth of experience and insights to the comments at AVC thanks to his varied experiences as a successful CEO and entrepreneur. Today’s quote of the day on my Tumblog was one from JLM as well.

There are 3 types of people in this world – some light fires, others tend to them and then there are those who spend their life pissing on the fire. Avoid them at all costs.

JLM also had a comment to make once in the (now famous, on this blog atleast) Fred Wilson School of Blogging which inspires me to no end. I’ve just taken a small excerpt that I’ve thought about from time to time.

‘It is not about your blog — which is just a tool — it is about your voice which is generous, genuine, instructive, constructive, consistent and steady.

Even in those things with which you disagree, you are not disagreeable and that is a rare trait indeed.’

I find myself incredibly inspired by these words. They have been stuck in my mind every since I read them as they summarize most of what I would like to stand for. I hope I get there..

And I also hope our community will find it’s own JLM along the way.

We will get there. I hope. And believe.

Update: I’d let JLM know about this over a Disqus thread and he promptly left a lovely comment. I was reminded of the quote ‘We are what we repeatedly do’ as I was reading the comment. It spoke of humility, enthusiasm and inspiration all at once – all those things that I associate JLM with.

Thanks again JLM. We hope to have you back on this blog. I hope. I believe. :)