The Snail and the Kick

Last night, a few of us had a long post dinner conversation. It was one of those long conversations where we mused about a whole slew of things including the ‘other side’ of Steve Jobs, family vs career prioritizations, work-life balance and how we derive our self worth.

A great discussion. 
We were on our way out when one of us noticed a snail crossing the tiny path we were walking through. 
‘Must take it one year of it’s life to cross this path.’ – He remarked with a smile. 
‘Imagine how great it would be for the snail if we gave it a kick.’ – I mused ‘It may not realize it but we would save it a couple of years at least and it would be see so much more in it’s lifetime..’ 
‘Makes me wonder how often we need such a kick. Might be painful but…’ 
He trailed off, leaving all of us in thought for a few moments.
How often do we such a ‘kick’ that shifts our paradigms, makes us uncomfortable and accelerates our learning and growth? And most importantly, how often do we seek that ‘kick’?