On Great Disney Housekeepers

This week’s ‘Book Learning’ draws inspiration from ‘First, Break All The Rules’ by Marcus Buckingham-

The 8 best housekeepers at Disneyland had 1 thing in common – they had the exact same ‘ritual’ after they finished cleaning a room.

They would lie on the guests bed and turn on the ceiling fan.


Because this is the first thing a guest would do. They would walk into the room, flop on the bed and turn on the fan. If dust comes off the fan, then no matter how clean the rest of the room is, the guest will assume the room is as dirty.

To these great housekeepers, a hotel room wasn’t just another chore to be completed. It was a world, a guest’s world.
When they cleaned the room, they looked through the guest’s eyes and imagined how the world would look.

They truly epitomized ‘Begin with the end in mind.’

After spending a week working on a spreadsheet that became steady complicated, I found myself losing track of what the purpose of the sheet was. It took some help and a lot of stepping back to get back on track. And I was struck by how powerful making a habit of this would be.. To ensure I approach what I do with the end in mind – just like the star housekeepers!

Here’s to approaching tasks by ‘beginning with the end in mind’ this week!