Onam Day, 10 Years Since..

Today has been great. Many nice things have happened in the last 24 hours – I met inspirational Chris, met kind Eric (coming soon in a blog post near you..), solved domestic issues involving broadband and a fridge and got my passport renewed.

All of this was topped by the fact that today is Onam, a very special festival. Thanks to having family here, I was also treated to a delicious traditional meal or onasadhya.

However, the biggest positive was probably when I noticed the date this morning.

10 years ago, on this day, we lost Dad. So much changed for our family right that moment. Having lost uncle just 3 years prior, the situation was tough. But we pulled through. When you lose somebody so close and so important, it is not the immediate grief that’s the hard part. The immediate grief is eased with the passage of time, but it is the weight of responsibility that landed on our shoulders that was the tough part. Dad was our wage earner and this meant many changes to the way things were.

But we pulled through. Thanks to enormous mental strength from Mom and support from grandparents, we pulled through. And boy, have we come a long way. We could have just chosen to get bogged down, cynical and depressed. But we didn’t.. and it made all the difference in the world. Life is worth the fight.

‘Remember the people involved’ is something I believed in. My Dad was and is a huge reason for the reason things are (genes aside.. :)). And today, I chose to remember his amazing gift for music by skipping my dose of books and just listening to some great music and tapping my feet the whole day. He had an amazing voice and was a ready entertainer. No frills. Thanks to him, I grew up with a love for music and it is something I will always be thankful for.

As I was remembered this, I also remembered the many conversations I had with him as a little kid where he would talk about the importance of studying in good schools and doing great work. For a few moments, I began wondering about what is, and what could have been.. and felt my mind wander.

Earlier, I had also messaged a couple of close friends about the significance of the day. And around that time, I received this message..

This ‘friend’ is of course, a lot more than a friend. He sensed what I needed then.. and made my day.

That moment was my life in microcosm. Lost close family as a result of unfortunate incidents.. and was fortunate to find close family in friends.

Life is beautiful! Live, laugh, love..