Weather and Patience

I was at the Indian Embassy on Monday for Passport services. As expected, I stood in queue for an hour or so only to be asked to come back 2 hours later.

This was the second such long wait experience in the last 2 weeks. The other one was when Virgin Rail had a huge booking mis-management problem at the Euston trail station over-booking it’s trains to Manchester. There was a huge Manchester United vs Arsenal football game and Virgin had underestimated the huge number of fans  who were making their way to Manchester along with the crowd heading home from London over the long weekend. This time, however, you had many annoyed people.. but despite the obvious injustice of the situation, I was still not overly frustrated.

And that’s when I realized – the only reason my frustration level wasn’t high was because the cool weather didn’t have me sweaty and sticky! I observed this happen during my wait at the embassy as well.

I remembered my post a year or so ago about Habitual Impatience that I experienced back home in India and suddenly, I felt a flash of understanding and empathy. I would have been very impatient myself if I had been denied rightful entry on a train journey I had paid for in an Indian railway station on a hot summer day.

The weather plays a huge role in demeanor and personality. People from colder parts of the world tend to be literally cooler and calmer while people from the warmer parts of the world tend to be fiery and more emotional – like the temperature.

And, as if echoing this realization, The Economist had a good article recently on ‘Seasons of Discontent‘ where they point out that inclement weather has a direct correlation to the frequency of civil war. Very interesting stuff.

While I always appreciated the power of the environment we live in, this realization shed new light..