On Nomad Shifts

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the very first nomads on earth.

These nomads had a fight for life every single day. They woke up in the morning and had a simple question in their minds – ‘How do we get to food and water?’
Asking themselves this question, they moved from place to place. And as long as they asked themselves this question, they remained nomads.

One nomadic free-thinker decided to flip the question around. She began encouraging her group to ask ‘How can we get food and water to us?’

In response, they started digging up and forming the first irrigation systems and followed it up with the start of farming. Now, they were ready to settle down and form communities, a huge step in the progress of our species!

Since reading this book 3 weeks ago, I have already gifted it to 8 people, and this is only the beginning.

My biggest learning from the book is – if we are feeling negative, it is probably because we are asking ourselves ‘judger’ questions. The moment we become aware of this negativity, we need to switch into ‘learner’ mode by asking ourselves ‘learner’ questions. (See the Choice Map). VERY Powerful Stuff!

Here’s to switching our questions when we find ourselves stuck this week!

Source: ‘Change Your Questions, Change Your Life’ by Marilee Adams