That Moment of Happiness

I finally made it back to London with all immigration battles fought (for the EU and US citizens who are laughing, it is not funny! :)) and with an all clear to stay here till August next year. That is saying something considering it’s taken a rather annoying and at times, agonizing few months getting these things done.
Happy as I was – a sigh escaped me when I read yesterday that it would be the ‘last sunny day’ in London for a little while.
And I got out of a tube station this morning trying to make it on time for an appointment with it pouring cats and dogs. Another sigh escaped me.. as I rummaged in my bag and pulled out my windcheater, wore it on top of my existing shirt+suit as I needed some cover for my head and then tried fumbling for directions via Google Maps on my phone.
I (thanks to an unusual flash of wisdom) switched off my audio book as I realized I was stressing my system as I know it can’t handle multi tasking.
So, there I was – 850AM in the morning – half drenched with 3 layers of clothing, trying to find my way using Google Maps while trying to make sure my phone is not completely drenched in the process. Possibly more reasons to ‘sigh’ especially if I thought of my sunny Singapore..
That very moment, I remembered Viktor Frankl and a whole bunch of things I had written about, and decided it was time to take control of my own happiness. So, I switched on some music and that moment, I felt a surge of happiness.
Within a few moments, I could feel the spring in my step as I was singing happily in the rain. The sort of spring that accompanies moments of happiness, moments of unexpected joy..
‘Life is not about surviving the storm. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.’
The sort of joy that comes from practicing what I preach I guess.. :)
And since we are on the topic of music, here’s a new tune..