On the Red, Blue, Green notebooks

This week’s learning draws inspiration from ‘Success Principles’ by Jack Canfield –

Jack Canfield once attended a seminar on ‘Happiness‘ . As soon as he entered the room, he noticed red, blue and green notebooks on the tables. He went to his assigned seat and found a red notebook.

There was a problem though. He didn’t like red. He wanted the blue that the person next to him had. As people streamed in, many looked around uncertainly as soon as they saw their books. He realized that most of them were likely to have similar feelings.

That’s when the facilitator walked in. ‘Let’s address the elephant in the room everyone’ – she said with a smile.
‘How many of you don’t like the color of your notebook?’
2/3rds of room raised their hands.
‘Then switch!’ She cried ‘Trade the notebook with somebody else who has the color you want. That IS the first rule of happiness folks. You have the power.’

As Uncle Sam implicitly tells us, we have the power! If we take a quick look at the various factors in our life that cause us unhappiness, where can we take the initiative and make switches?

Here’s to simple switches to improve our happiness this week!