Your Greatest Strength is Always Your Greatest Weakness

I write this as I just had a discussion with a friend about her mid-year review where her improvement point turned out to be an inverse of her biggest strength.
In my case, for example, one of my big strengths turns out to be my energy. However, this pops up in all places – most of all by fidgeting. I hardly sit still.. and I imagine if I had to, I would implode. (And, if you are wondering – yes, my legs are tapping away as I write this post. But, of course!)
Now, I do understand there are times and places where fidgeting doesn’t help – serious meetings for example. And in situations like that, I do work hard to keep it down. But then, that saps me of a considerable amount of energy! Now, as with most things, it does help having a balance.
Previously, however, I used to feel very bad about my constant fidgeting. Thanks to some nice advice from a wiser friend since, I’m less apologetic about it these days. I’ve learnt to accept that it comes with the package..
I’m not advocating lack of balance but just that every thing has a flip side. And it helps to be aware of that..
(Just as a test, do look out for your ‘improvement point’ in your next feedback and take note of whether the weakness mentioned is a flip side of your greatest strength)