The Noise from the Bad Stuff

There’s a distinct Eckhart Tolle influence on my posts these days thanks to listening to Stillness Speaks for 15 min as I waft off to sleep every night. The wonderful thing about the book is that I have read it many many times (it is my default book when I have difficulty falling off to sleep) but still, I am continuously amazed by it’s depth.
And for the past few days, the one idea that I have been observing most is –
‘In this world, things are getting worse and better at the same time, although the worse is more apparent because it makes so much ‘noise”

I am reminded of this every morning after I finish reading the newspaper.
How did you feel after reading those newspaper? Were you reminded of all the evil, corruption and bad character in this world?
(That’s why you have got to love the Sports section…)