Le Vie Est Belle

Movies and songs have a way into the depths of our soul.
And this one is a soul-ful movie. La Vie Est Belle or Life is Beautiful is a wonderful reminder of the power we exert over our lives and explains very simply that ‘management-y’ concept of ‘being proactive’.
The story is one of two halves. The first half is a sweet Italian comedy – a love story of sorts. Things change when the hero (Director Benigni himself) is whisked away to a Nazi concentration camp along with his son. And the rest of the story describes the events that follow – a period during which Benigni keeps his son healthy and cheerful thanks to his undying positivity and admirable strength of will.
If you haven’t watched this classic, I hope you do, as soon as you can get your hands/mouse on a copy. Roberto Benigni’s master class. There’s lots to learn from this one..