Google Translate app power

I was just standing in a hotel helping my uncle with some ticket sales for a ‘Bollywood Night’. And an Italian gentleman walked by.
He spoke in Italian and said ‘no english’.
My response was pretty simple. I whipped out my phone, opened up the app and asked him to speak into it.
Within a couple of iterations, we were soon having an excellent conversation. (albeit a slow one, but well!)
And by the end of it, he was so impressed that he made me write down the name of the phone, how much it cost and how he could get this cool translator going.
Powerful stuff. Apple – you owe me 1. (literally)
And that aside, I’ve been inactive this week by usual standards and that’s thanks to a great 4 days spent with my colleagues in the UK. TONS of learnings – can’t wait to share. Food and sleep beckons for now.