3 MUST Do’s when making a Home/Phone Video

13 hours of video content is being uploaded onto YouTube this every minute.

I am guessing a sizeable portion of this number is what I term ‘home/phone video’ i.e. clips made my non-professionals using a simple phone or video camera and edited using basic video editing software.
Now, a lot of these are also being used increasingly in corporate presentations and most first timers end up making the same mistakes I made 2 years ago..

Having gone through the learning curve on this thanks to a year and a half of making videos thanks to ExpressionHappens, I thought I’d share 3 points to remember –
1. Stand: Always always try to mount the phone/camera on a stand. Our hands end up shaking so much that the videos often tend to look appalling!
2. Ambient Noise: If you have people talking, always shoot in a quiet room. In places like restaurants etc, the camera picks up an inordinate amount of ambient noise. Often, this is not in proportion to reality.. and typically is the single greatest annoyance when one gets down to the editing.
(The only way this is fixed in a public space is if your video camera has a proper mic attached – think TV reporters)
3. Lighting: A slightly tricky customer if not understood. I have a simple principle when it comes to lighting – if you are in a bright area and the subject is looking dark on the camera, just swap sides. The change always tends to give you a sense of what can work.
Happy video-ing all!