The ‘I Can’t’ Strength Test

Our language makes all the difference in the world to our attitude. Jack Canfield illustrates this best in his workshops with a simple test.

He asks the participants to stretch their left arms out. Then, Jack pushes down on their left hand to test their usual strength.
Now, Jack asks them to think of something they can’t do like ‘I can’t play the piano’ and start saying it aloud. And when Jack pushes down on their arm, it is ALWAYS weaker.
For the final part, he asks them to reverse it by saying ‘I can ….’, and voila! their arms are strong again.

No wonder there was no stopping us when we were toddlers. We were invincible and constantly told ourselves so – we thought could crawl/climb over anything! But, little by little, as we were taught ‘the ways of the world’, our sense of invincibility wore out until we no longer believed we could.

Our brains are designed to solve any problem and overcome any obstacle as long as we feed it with great fuel – the right attitude. So, are we going to take ownership and remove ‘I can’t’ from our dictionary?

Here’s to ‘I can’, and strength this week!

Source: Success Principles by Jack Canfield