The Uber Wallpaper

There are times when I surpass myself. No, really. There are times we all do. You know – there comes this moment when you feel you are SO smart and smile knowingly to yourself. I guess you can relate. If you can’t or if you feel it’s been too long, it’s time to take some swings. (Do write in a note and I’ll be happy to give you a few suggestions – the key is to try a few small ideas out and fail at them!)
Anyway, one of those moments this week was when I made my wallpaper. We spend a fair amount of time on our laptops/computers these days. And I was sick of looking at random wallpapers that were often sucking energy rather than giving me some.. So voila..

The inspiration behind this is simple –
1. The Values come from the PDT Test I took a few days ago. I needed a way to reinforce these.
2. Pictures of ‘my people’. I have shaded most of the part above white so as to not completely embarrass the bunch. But, I guess you get a sense.. :) The reason for this is that it gives me something to smile about every time!
3. Dreams. This ties in with images of my big dreams and places on my bucket list. (A home in the mountains, nice car, a dog! etc). I have these images printed out as photos in my room in my place in London but as I’ve been away for a while, I’ve begun missing looking at them wistfully in the morning.
And as I’m writing this, I realize these reinforce the top 3 values – Integrity (i.e. reminding myself of my commitment and, hopefully, walking the talk), Family (‘my people’) and Desire (Keeping the hunger alive with ‘Dreams’ and things to look forward to).
All in all, I am very happy with this. There may come a time when I will want to take it off so I can look at a beautiful landscape maybe but then I’m sure I’ll want it right back again as this never fails makes me smile.
Here’s to a good wallpaper all!
PS: As you can see, I am a big fan of the minimalist desktop! I think it greatly helps our minds become orderly.