On Structure and Creativity

Simplicity, as a concept, is ever so powerful. Just ask the players of Manchester United who got ripped apart yesterday by Barcelona’s consistent ‘simple’ passing game.

Inspired by that, for today’s learning, I am going to leave you with a very simple idea.

Let’s take a minute to study the picture below. It is one of a regular road. And we, of course, use the road to take us from place to place.
Now, there is of course that line right in the middle of the road that separates vehicles traveling in opposite directions.

What would travel (and life) be, without that line?

Can you picture the kind of chaos the absence of this simple line would cause?

There is a myth that structure kills creativity.

What is often forgotten that without structure, there would be no creativity. It would be like a painting without a canvas with no defined boundaries. Or an endless football match (with no creative last minute goals!).

Structure, in our lives, gives us the room to experiment and be creative. It is the simple routines (eat, sleep, play) in our lives that enable us to free up vital space in heads so we can be creative in what we do..