How to be a less annoying person

Let’s face it. We all are annoying – in our own sweet way. Those who are close to us, bear the brunt of our annoying little tendencies. (especially those who live with us)
I, for one, have many many annoying traits – one example: I would go CRAZY if I didn’t have a table to work out of (and I did drive my house mates crazy about this issue – just ask them, they are probably scarred)
Now, I was annoyed the other day by some behavior. So, I felt that this requires a bit of a change in perspective. As a result, along with updating my ‘Bucket List‘, I also made my annoyance list.
Step 1 to being a less annoying person: Make your annoyance list.
My 10 top annoyances are (whether people are concerned) –
1. When I am not given space to do my stuff (No, don’t stick too close for too long. I can bite! :))
2. When I am constantly being warned about obstacles/other cars when I drive!
3. When I feel patronized (especially, hierarchically)
4. When I am made to feel ‘uncool’ (let’s face it.. we all like to be cool, by our own definitions atleast)
5. When I am constantly reminded of the things I cannot do (this one is universal, I guess)
6. When someone around me HAS to prove that they, and only they, had the ultimate experience!
7. When I am left out of a conversation or group..
8. When someone stops my telling a story excitedly to point out something I do wrong (I do this a LOT!)
9. When someone influences others by doing it behind my back (this drives me crazy)
10. When someone doesn’t return my ‘hi’ or ‘hug’ with equal enthusiasm.
Step 2 to being a less annoying person: Stop doing the above!
If I have to be true to myself, I am guilty of 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10. And I think the first step would be to stop doing the things that annoy me before I expect others not to do them to me.
So, here goes..