He always adds value

A few months ago, my Mom received a call from a childhood friend. This friend wanted her opinion on the best education path for his kids. She recalled that while they are hardly in touch, he never fails to call her every time he needs any advice regarding his kid’s education. (My mom’s been in Education since forever..) That’s pretty amazing, I thought – to always go back to a friend from long long ago when you make a decision.
Anyway, I realized that I have one such friend too. This is a friend (a very very close one at that) who I’ve been close to for a long time now. It’s a long distance relationship (haha) but we’ve made it work.
He’s quite the ‘geek’ and loves anything technology. And that makes a perfect fit because I go to him with all my doubts, queries and the like. And I also realize that if I was ever buying any new phone, laptop or anything technology related – I wouldn’t do so without his blessing. And I realized one other thing, he always adds value.
Isn’t that amazing? To call a friend to catch up and always get a little nugget that helps a great deal! And you know what’s even better – it just happens. Sometimes, it happens because I ask for it.. and yet other times, it just happens because we speak. Many a day, I come back with a nugget for my blog (see the new RSS subsciption link today!), else it’s a nugget for my computer or sometimes it’s just some good insight into the industry.
And if that’s not good enough, he does it in his own non intrusive style. No ego, all humility, all value.
‘Aspire to be someone of value’ was a quote I read ages ago. And he lives that, where I’m concerned.
Lots to learn, always..
If you are interested in anything mobile technology/internet based or even need the occasional laugh do feel free to follow him on his twitter. :)