The Familiar Fight

After every meal at my little place, I find myself fighting a familiar foe – unwashed dishes.

‘Wash them now’ – whispers one voice in my head.

‘You can always wash them tomorrow.’ – cajoles another. ‘Why bother?’

Why bother indeed?

‘Would you want to wake up tomorrow morning and find a whole horde of vessels to clean?’

Valid point – I think to myself as the voices being to get louder and more foreceful

And eventually end up cleaning those dishes anyway. And you know what, it does actually feel very good getting ready for the next meal without having to worry about dishes to be clean. It may not be most ‘efficient’ (technically, having them all pile up and then cleaning them all at once would be..) but in the long run, it can give us a discipline that would serve us well in work and life.
It is a bit like planning tomorrow’s work today. It doesn’t make a HUGE difference tomorrow but when you add the effect of doing so over a sustained period of time, it can make all the difference to the world.

Another such example is doing the hard work to park our cars such that taking them out the next morning requires no thought!

Little things. Always a big difference. And this is a note to myself to always remember to make the tough choice of putting in that effort when I would much rather relax after a heavy meal.. because, as weird as it may sound, I will be better for it.

Note: Of course, those who have lived with dishwashers their whole life wouldn’t even be able to relate to this ‘ode to grunt work’. Sorry folks, time to get your hands dirty, literally..