As I opened up my email excitedly this morning..

(Being a few 1000 miles away from my family, closest friends, I wake up all excited in the morning to check my personal email in the hope of finding a nice long, detailed filled note..)
..and began reading an email from a close friend, I realized the power of sharing your life with somebody else. Especially when it is not because you ‘have’ to but because you ‘choose’ to.
This friend evidently made quite an effort to type that email as it had all sorts of funny poetic verses. Through those few paragraphs, I could sense joy, anxiety, smiles and frowns. For a moment, my mind was transported back to the olden days where one might have had to wait for days for a letter from a loved one.
It is all so easy now, isn’t it? We can now hear from friends and family through a little touch screen handheld device from the comfort of our bed! So easy that we take it for granted and probably do less of it than we probably should.
It’s a simple question, really. Whose life have you touched today? The easiest place to start is with close friends and family. A simple note is guaranteed to brighten up their day.. So, go ahead. Do it.
We live to be touched by all those around us after all..