Using momentum to our advantage

I am learning a thing or two about momentum of late, particularly as I’m beginning to pay attention to it. It is most obvious in sport, of course. An average team can be unstoppable for a period of time and one defeat (and an accompanying loss of momentum) can result in a slew of bad results.

We experience momentum on a daily basis. If we wake up in the morning with a positive sense for the day, follow it up with a good breakfast and whatever else constitutes a good start, there is a good chance that our day will only get better. I’m sure we all remember days when sleep felt like a waste of time because the momentum was just SO good!
On the other hand, it is equally easy to experience the opposite. Lack of sleep coupled with meeting a jerk on the bus/train and a frowning colleague or a bad meeting to start the day can absolutely kill it as well.
Now, this post is not so much about what to do to turn things around when things are not going your way but to simply take a step back and view things differently. (even if slightly differently)
My analysis on my own productivity over the past year via my patented scoring system has been that I have typically 2 productive days in a week. And 3 in a good one. And I am beginning to use this information to my advantage. Yesterday, for instance, was a statue day and nothing seemed to be going wrong.
When I apply the law of momentum on this problem, the solution was simple – stop doing stuff and just go to sleep i.e. break the momentum.
I did.. Slept 8 hours, got off to a good start and I don’t quite feel like going to bed today. I will, of course, so I have a shot at ensuring tomorrow is a better day..
Something to think about, maybe?
Please note that this post takes a day-to-day perspective. We can of course zoom out and study these things week by week or month by month.. I just prefer breaking the problem down.