Musings on the news

– I’ve been keeping tabs on the Japan situation over the last few days. For obvious reasons, this is on the front page of every news paper. There are lots of disturbing pictures, stories etc.

Those didn’t really ‘disturb’ me as much as 1 piece of news did. The cyber scam industry has boomed post disaster. Suddenly all domains with ‘japan’ and ‘tsunami’ on them have been taken and millions of dollars of ‘donations’ have basically been whisked away by scammers.
It disturbs me that this is the extent to which people can go to for easy money.
– Suddenly, the many dying in Bahrain and Libya don’t seem to matter as much
– God save the Japanese. The nuclear reactor situation looks bad. My prayers are with them..
– As I read the news papers every morning on the tube, I can clearly see why I decided to go for a newspaper less diet for many months. Life seemed more positive without pictures of amputated people and the like. That isn’t to say there is NO positive press but hey, positive press is not ‘sensational’ and that doesn’t make money.
– Money.. scams, bad press, banks, recession. Root of all evil? That, I can’t say but definitely the cause of many evils.
– This disaster has reminded me once again that there are so many things that are just WAY beyond our control.. and has reminded me of the quote –
‘Do what you can with what you have where you are’

True, so true.