The Blessings people

Since last July, I’ve been writing out daily learnings, blessings etc on an every work-day basis.

And I found myself flipping pages and realized 2 things –
1. People form 80% of what I thank the lord for. There is the occasional time I’ve thanked the lord for sports I play, my phone, my laptop, some rather cool apps or systems and of course, quite a few thanks have to gone to a-connect (i.e. my company) as well but still – 80%, on average, is to people who mater.
2. And I also realized that a few people show up on these pages with unfailing regularity. Often, it didn’t even require significant interaction with them – one short email or phone conversation already had me thanking the lord for having them in my lives.
It’s always interesting to know a new thing about myself. So, if I’m feeling down in the dumps, what would potentially work is get busy finding a new app for my phone/comp – but what is almost sure to work is to spend time with some of ‘the blessings people’. That should sort it out.
So, what would you think would be up your blessings list?