1 dollar every day

Oziola Mccarthy, an orphan by birth, grew up in wretched poverty and the only job she knew was washing clothes of the people in her colony. She had a habit thought – right from when she started working, she made it a point to deposit 1 dollar a day from her earnings to her bank.

One fine day Oziola, 87 years old, walked into her bank. Her bank manager asked her if she knew that her savings had accumulated to 250,000 dollars! Being the simple woman she was, she didn’t even know how much that amounted to or what it meant. Then, the bank manager placed 10 coins on the table and said – ‘If this is your money, what would you want to do with it?’

So, one coin went to her church, the next 3 to her relatives and the final 6 (i.e. $150,000) went to her local university for a special scholarship to ‘African American students who still knew how to dream’. At that point, her biggest dream was to see one of her scholars graduate but she doubted it – given her advanced age.

Fittingly, Oziola died at the age of 91, one month after she saw the first recipient of her scholarship graduate, and she died as a recipient of a honorary doctorate herself from Harvard University.

When this amazing washer woman died, many world leaders sent their condolences as she had inspired people all over. And when you think of it, at the root of it all was a simple concept- saving 1 dollar a day. A reminder that our lives are defined by daily acts of greatness..