Learning a ZERO error sport

I sat for 7 continuous hours yesterday with a friend in an attempt to get an IT system up. As is the case with meddling with SQL and code (he did most of the meddling, for the record), it generally takes 3 times the amount of time you expect.
Since university days, it was my first tryst with IT in a long time and boy, was it frustrating. It is a continuous process of ‘trial and error’.
Now, our computer exposed generation is used to the concept of ‘trial and error’. That’s very acceptable but it’s easy to forget that the previous generations didn’t necessarily have the same approach to learning.
I realized this during lunch with a senior partner who comes from a family of pilots. He spoke about how his daughter’s attitude towards learning changed when she took a sky diving course. All of a sudden, she was faced with getting everything absolutely right. After all, one mistake and that’s the end of life as you know it.
He spoke about how it was contrary to her learning style then and how it massively impacted it. And he said that’s why learning a 0 error sport like flying, sky diving, parachuting etc brings with it a unique learning experience.
And that made me reflect. I’ve never learnt a zero error sport. Maybe it’s time to think about trying one.