Style does matter

We care about the packaging. Full stop.

Packaging, in itself, is an ever flourishing industry. No – this is not limited to the physical packaging of items. It’s to do with the packaging of anything these days – products (think: discount sales), people (think: matrimonial websites, Resume ‘enhancers’, public speaking coaches) or anything else we can think of.
Better packaging doesn’t mean the content is any better. It just adds emotional value. And that makes all the difference in the world.
And I can fully understand why.
Let’s think about it. Think about the last 10 times you have been received ‘No’ for an answer. (Maybe you’ll remember 5, or 3 – that’ll do). I can bet that you clearly remember what was a nice ‘No’ and what wasn’t. In fact, you probably harbor very positive feelings for the person who gave you the nice ‘no’ versus the person who wasn’t so kind while saying ‘no’.
The result was the same – the answer was ‘no‘ after all but boy, did the packaging of the answer make a difference!
When it comes to people, I refer to the packaging as style. And like it or not, if you are in a game that involves interaction with people, your style makes more difference than you can possibly comprehend.
This, my friends, is a biggie.