The Pebble in my Shoe

‘It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe’ – Muhammad Ali

Pure genius. I discovered this in full force today.
I was geared up for the day. The ‘high priority‘ list was so long that it didn’t look like a ‘high priority‘ list any more. But, nevertheless, I was all set to fight this.. I had signed up for such days in the coming month.
And a day which I would have normally gotten through by giving 110% required a 150%, thanks to my…. headphones!
Yes, these..
As everyone on the project sits together in a team room with no walls or barriers, the team room is a hub of activity at all times. And the only way to get ‘focus‘ work done for me is to put on my headphones to block out the activity.
And today, for the first time in a long time, I forgot my headphones. And boy, did it wear me out as suddenly, it required a lot more mental effort to shut off the distractions.
Worth remembering that not once did I feel the weight of the the long task list but the headphones..
Muhammad Ali’s insightful quotes never fail to get the wow reaction where I’m concerned.