The Sound of Silence

One of the biggest reasons attributed to sales people who continuously fail to convert sales is their discomfort during silence. Sales stars are known to use silence to their advantage by letting the customer talk and express all misgivings while the amateurs always try to fill up the air-space and end up losing the customer in the process.

How comfortable are you with silence?
For an introverted person who needs time with himself, I realized that I am actually not all that used to silence. While I’m used to spending long periods by myself working on ‘my stuff’, I typically have music playing all the time. So much so that I think I equate background music to the silent or ‘base state’.
I caught myself today as I found myself scrambling for my speakers to switch on music after 5 minutes in my room. So, I stopped for a few minutes and just sat in the silence, left to my thoughts.
I wasn’t comfortable with it as I was itching for the music to be back on. Eventually, I yielded to that temptation.
So, it is a question right back at myself – how comfortable am I with silence?
It amazes me that it has taken me so long to notice this about myself. So much to learn about ourselves, after all.