If you are traveling with a child, please attend to yourself first, then the child.

Have you ever wondered why that line exists in the aircraft safety announcement?

I think of it in terms of 3 common life situations –

1. Only after we are on top of our tasks and targets can we be helpful to others (with colleagues)

2. Only after we bring our lives under control can we help others with theirs (with friends)

3. Only after we take care of ourselves and have ourselves in control can we love, be loved and be affectionate(with family)

Essentially, our first priority should always be to make sure we are okay. And that doesn’t necessitate a self centred approach to life. The whole point of taking care of ourselves (in my humble opinion) is so we can take good care of others around us, build great things and make a dent on this planet.

First step though, is taking care of ourselves.