10 questions to sync with ‘me’ – A review tool

The holidays are here and there is no better better time for some good ol’ reflection! In the spirit of looking back, learning, growing, and then looking ahead – here is a self reflection form that I am using myself which I hope would be a useful thought starter.

Please feel free to use the same form, or make edits to design a customized one for yourself of course. And any feedback is always welcome so I can do a better job of it next year!

If you do choose to use this, I would suggest printing out and writing as writing is a neuromuscular activity and can potentially have deeper impact.

I hope you manage to find time to reflect, review and plan ahead for a great year. Do reach out if I can be of help in any way/answer any questions.

Once again, the file is available for download here . Just right click and save as on your computer.

Hope you find it useful!