The up and down routine

I’m a self professed ‘life learning’ enthusiast. And nothing amazes me more than life’s propensity to deal you a blow every once in a while to keep you humble.

Let’s take a simple example – I’ve been looking forward to the Christmas break (which starts today) for a month. And given my last 3 weeks have involved crazy deliverables and hence, many days with crazy work hours, I daresay I felt like I deserved it.
The first part of the plan was to take a short trip to Malaysia. But, the last week has involved one hurdle after another with today resulting in a close friend dropping out thanks to emergency work on Saturday. To put things into perspective, the count for this trip has grown negatively from potentially 8 to 3!
The best part of this was that I did my best to ‘respond’ and not ‘react’ and I’m feeling rather good at the way I took the news. And instead of screaming, raging and throwing a fit at this friend, I managed to hold it till after the call. ;-)
And that, I thought, is a small win worth celebrating with a learning!
This experience only further affirms the fact that the problems and hurdles never stop coming. What we can stop/control is our response to it. And exercising that choice often makes all the difference in the world..