Ask, but don’t ask too much

It’s a fine balance, as we all probably know and realize.

As a stupid 21 year old in his first job, I am obviously eager to learn and absorb as much as I can. While a significant part of that learning comes from a mix of google, observation and working on getting results, a significant part (greater than or equal to 50%) comes from learning from people.
And here, the equation is simple –
-> Never hesitate to ask if you don’t understand. There’s no time or tolerance for bullshit anyway.
-> Having said that, there’s also that point where the answerer’s patience wears thin and when he/she would rather do things alone rather than have you badgering him/her.
It’s the same with asking for favors. Asking for small favors once in a while doesn’t hurt especially if you are doing enough to make sure you’re returning those favors but asking one big favor can be pretty detrimental..
It’s a fine line. Most of life is like a tight rope walk anyway when we come to think of it. Why should this be any different, right?