Living life one day at a time – a conversation with me

This might border on delusional but hey, I’m a single child. So, I did and still do a lot of talking with ‘me’.

There’s so much I want to do, so much I want to share. That does border on narcissistic – i.e. super egoistical to think that I might have something of value to give – especially given I’m a stupid 21 year old. But, I would argue that bloggers, as a community, are narcissistic as we obviously feel we what we write and think is worth reading!

Anyway, to give an example of the dilemma I’m facing – I’m 5 chapters into my book, I’ve a small IT system I’d like to get going for myself, I would like to move this blog over to and would like to think through an iPhone app idea I have.

These, of course are only the initiative goals – then, there are the many life goals – so many places to travel, so many more people to connect with, so many more ideas for things to do with and for, people I love, to thank them and express my love for them more than I do now etc etc.

And of course, so much more to do at work to make an impact.

I’ve realized though that it only helps if I focus on building one day a time. I realize that I can’t execute on the idea for the iPhone app, the shifting of my blog and the writing of my book all at once. In fact, just the thought of doing all these things at the same time would overwhelm me and I’d end up doing nothing at all (which has happened many times in the past!).

So, it’s shifting of the blog for December and the rest of the book for the rest of next year. Patience is a virtue and as much as I might want to have a garden full of flowers all planted and ready by today, there are so many other balls to juggle and I realize it’s best to focus on planting one sapling at a time.

‘What if I run out of time?’– I ask myself. It can be interpreted as a rather ‘dark‘ question but I merely see it as practical. After all, I intend to push myself to be curious and ‘child like’ for a long time now and I guess as long as we keep curiosity alive, we are always going to want to build and improve.

So, what if I do run out of time? Well, atleast I would have build what felt most important to me and atleast I would be remembered as someone who built, cared and loved.

I guess one of the big inspiration factors in life IS to build something that would out-last our life-span.