We always have less time than we think.

This might seem ‘to the contrary’ if you are stuck with something that you don’t like doing, or going through an ordeal (like exams, a tough personal situation) but either way, you and I have much lesser time than we think.

Because a year later, we will wonder how the time we had seemed to slip us by.

Add a few more years and we will look back at these days and say with a sigh ‘Ah! Those days..’

I just hope many years down the line, we won’t look back at these days and wonder if we did enough, if we lived life as we believe it should be lived. Most importantly, I hope we don’t look at these days with the harsh tone of regret.

So, let’s go out, learn, grow and have fun; for the time we have to define our lives is limited and very often, we let it flit by without realizing it. Let’s not let it flip by – let’s ‘live’ every moment.

Happy Sunday everyone. I’m amazed as to how soon my time with close friends and colleagues has flitted past. It’s time now to start packing and get set for a time zone switch, and very soon, it’ll be over to the hectic realities of an intense project. And as with most things that tend to change/define your thinking and perspective, I’m looking forward to it!