The Cartoon network display pic

I opened my facebook homepage today to find a whole bunch of friends with Cartoon network characters as their profile picture. It took me right down memory lane and I even went on youtube and bookmarked a couple of my favorite cartoons to watch (Heidi, Speed Racer, Centurions, Swat Kats – I finished Tintin, Batman, Justice League and X-Men over the few months!)

Anyway, this facebook event has grown to 6,000 odd people. So, why am I blogging about it? Turns out it was a close friend that started it by accident on Sunday night and he’s surprised at the massive reception.

So, if you are wondering why people are changing their display picture on facebook to cartoon network characters, that’s why.

I thought I should share this because it illustrates the power of social networks today. Small things we do can have massive impact and the butterfly effect just got more real!

PS: It’s also nice to see everyone going back down memory lane and remembering the ‘child’ within. It’s about being ‘child-like’ after all..