The problem with ‘ideal’ diets

I read an article about ‘Ideal Diets’ on Lifehacker that got me thinking.

It was around 2 years ago when I’d been diagnosed with Gastritis and the Doctor I consulted in university gave me an ‘ideal’ diet. In short, the ‘ideal’ diet ruled out ALL Indian food. This, to me, was rather hilarious as my question back at her was – ‘What would an Indian in India do if he was diagnosed with Gastritis?’

That question didn’t go down too well with her judging by her response, which was something like ‘Well, you don’t listen to me means you will get an ulcer first, then a hole in your stomach, and then you’ll die’.
Anyway, my regular doctor laughed it off and suggested I conducted a physician I trusted back in India as he wisely understood that every diet had it’s share of positives and negatives, and it was important to eat in moderation.

And that brings me back to ‘Ideal Diets’ – This is a very cultural thing. What may be ideal to someone in North America would not be ideal to someone in Singapore and so on. This is primarily because some regions are rice eaters, while others are wheat eaters and so on, and it would be harsh to condemn one and praise the other. Just something to realize and not angst about is my limited experience on the matter.

I like the quote – ‘Be wary of reading health books. You may die of a misprint’

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